Above pictures
Denny at 5 months of age.

Above pictures
Denny at 3 months of age.

Above pictures
Denny at 6 weeks of age.

Denny 11 months
Above pictures Denny 12 months

Full of himself and ready to take the world by storm...This little guy is 11 inches and 5 pounds of mischief...He is the love my life..full of energy and adventure...He is a TRUE SHOW DOG! always giving the judges his best..always stealing hearts..His temperament is one that you rarely see anymore in the Crested Ring..He is confident and playful..not knowing a stranger..His head and tail are always up..as if he is saying to the world "HERE I AM"
Denny started his show carrier just a few short months ago and is now 4 singles away from a championship.. Today's date is Nov. 11. 10

Where ever he goes Denny is stealing the heart of the Crested Community..By his crazy antics and his lovely temperament..He displays a wonderful bred type...He has all the makings for a greatness.We are debating taking out next year as a special once he achieves his championship..Many people have approached us asking if we will continue him in the ring..I have worried about his size affecting him since most of the males out in the ring to day are 12.5-13.5 inches..We will have to see what tomorrow brings for our wonderful boy!

A few thoughts on this blood line
Many people when looking at a pedigree look for "well known" names..a popularity contest to some degree..however many great dogs never had the money or power behind them needed to compete at the higher levels..also many dogs with that great name never should have finished..it was the name..aka politics..or the money that got them their social standing....I am VERY PLEASED with what I am producing with these lines..and they seem to be mixing beautifully with lines from my co-breeder JRF CHINESE CRESTED It seems we have found a marvelous combination of show attitude and structure..Here are a few examples of ones that go beyond expectations that are related to these lines..

CH. JRF-EverCrest Stop Look & Listen

Indie came in with a Boom and went out with a Bang.. She showed very limited and was nearly undefeated in the ring
At the 2010 Nashville Speciality she took WB/BOS for a 4 point major to finish..then went on to take a select bitch and BOS over top ranked specials..She displays the same drive to show..and beautiful temperament and movement..She will be campaigned next year for top rankings...by Tracey Smith of JRF Chinese Crested.. Tracey has truely outdid herself with this bitch..Stunning in everyway..

CH. EverCrest Live Wire

Lilly also hit the ring with a Bang..first time out 1 day over 6 months she took her first of 4 majors..
She displays beautiful breed-type..and again loves to show..she is now approaching her Grand Championship title..She is as her name so proudly states! A LIVE WIRE! She is a full littermate sister to Denny.

More pictures and info to come on other great dogs.