Pimples...Blackheads and
Sun Burns....OH MY!.

Pimple : a blockage of the skin's

Blackhead :  blackish bump or plug on the 

Pearl  :  white bumps on the skin caused by
                    immature oil glands.

TREATMENT  For the hairles Chinese

  can vary .... I recommend first examine the dogs diet and then looking into the pedigree..as it seems that some lines carry more skin problems than others..

AGE also plays a factor as many CC go through what is referred to as "the teenage acne period" between the ages of 6 months to a year..

Color seems also to play an important role in this factor...as white skinned or lighter toned dogs seem to have more blemishes..

Further Recommendations
  • pro acne
  • witch hazel
  • mint julep masks
  • pore strips
  • clear away skin cleanser

The hairless..

  • razor/shaving cream
  • nair
  • men's Braun electric shavor
  • magic
  • 10 blade/ 50 blade

The Powder Puff
  • Brush
  • Conditionar
  • 10 blade (face & ears) optional

Most Common areas to find blackheads on the hairless chinese crested:

  • back legs
  • neck area
Grooming the Chinese Crested
Chinese Crested grooming is key to the art of their exotic appearance...

To remove excess hair from a hairy chinese crested you will need to purchase a good set of clippers..Being a groomer and a showman to the Crested, I choose Andis..or Oaster's. Use a heavy duty clipper they will last longer than a pet clipper kit...

Blades:  A 50 blade on a Chinese Crested will give you a very close cut..This blade is generaly used by Vet's in surgery..

Brushes: Should be of a good quality. We use a pin brush that is 1 in all systems..The smaller of them is preffered for the hairless chinese crested as well as the coated Powder Puff.

Comb: A good Greyhound comb comes in handy for the coated varity of the Chinese Crested.. The Evolution medium comb seems to work best..

Lotion: A good lotion is always a plus to use on the hairless crested..I prefer corn huskers lotion, but have used Aveno...

Grooming the Powder Puff
The biggest challange to grooming the long silky coat of a Powder Puff are the matts, which often form around the legs, ears, and side of face. For this reason alone daily brushing should be done..

Grooming of the Powder Puffs face is optional but recommended..use a 10 blade to clean the face and ears...
The shaving pattern of a hairless dog
The shaving pattern of a powderpuff
The face is shaved
leaving sideburns
Grooming options for the Chinese Crested.
The face and ears are shaved
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