There are many degrees of hairlessness in a hairless dog..As confusing as it may sound Hairless does not always mean HAIR-LESS...
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Mouse over the image to see the difference between a true hairless and a hairy Hairless
There has and always will be much debate regarding the hairless gene...

HHL  or  H.A.M
(Hairy Hairless or lovingly called  the Hairy Ass Monster)
Hair covering almost if not all of the body..making grooming a challenge..
Wanna be Puff
An extreme hairy hairless, a trick of the eye.. appearing to be  a Puff but in reality is not...  Leave these guys to the experts as "Only the groomer knows for sure"
Powder Puff
Fully coated with hair and full indentation

Actually the only way to truly know is to breed with another Puff and see if only Puffs are produced or is that really the answer as what if they are all want to be too?  Confused?
                     I  know I am!
Many breeders feel that we are loosing  breed type by breeding to many HHL..   While others disagree stating that we have only improved on the breed by breeding in more the hairless gene is linked to such issues as teeth.... 

One such breeder that stands to her belief that a hairless dog should be just that is Lyn B. of Gaea Plantaion...
"The 'properly structured' True Hairless is in danger of becoming extinct. Unfortunately the majority of those who breed for structure and AKC conformation shows are now focusing their breeding program on the 'hairy' hairless that must be shaved to be hairless. The heavily furnished hairy hairless wins much more in the show ring (because it is flashy with all it's crest plume and socks)so of course breeders who desire show ring wins more than they desire to preserve the breed will focus on producing the hairy hairless. Sadly the hair pattern for body hair is dominate over the lack of hair patterning (true hairless). With this popular trend to breed the coated hairless, (hairless by genetic definition only) the proper true hairless dog will soon be lost"
A Direct quote from Lyn
T H (true hairless)
I refer to a true hairless as having less than 25% hair on its body..this does not include it's furnishings..
Hair located on the top of head, lower legs, and tail.
MH (Moderate Hairless)
Hair located on 50% of the body or less.... Usually located in a inch wide strip down the back and the butt area referred to as having "the fuzzy butt"

As for my views on this issue....I feel we must protect the true hairless...That is why here at EverCrest we will always try to produce sound, healthy thl dogs...
Jrf-Ollie Ollie Oxen Free
True Hairless
(small strip of hair half way down back)
EverCrest's the Full Monty
True Hairless
(fuzzy butt)

EverCrest's the Bare Necessities
True Hairless

Kotickee's Miss Congeniality
Borderline Mod. Hairless
(small strip of hair all the way down back)
Jrf Life's a Ball
Mod Hairless borderline Hairy
( back is completely covered in hair. Sides/belly are naked)
Jrf-EverCrest Pistols and Powder
Hairy Hairless
( Back is completely covered in hair)