Ears can be rooled around cotton rods and joined by a bridge made of tape across the head..
   Ears are tapped across with tape
Ear taping
Taping ears is very common in this breed. Here are some pictures to help aid you in this process..
You will need a tape that allows the ear to breathe.  You may use a cotton based tape however I prefer to use a clear tape called Nexcare. You can buy this at most local stores, such as Walmart...
Cut 2 pieces of tape about 4 inches long. Stretch the ears upward.. and tape flat across the back and front..It is best to shave the ears first using a 10 blade.. There are many  methods such as to roll cotton batting inside the ear or use tampons then proceed with taping the ears in the same manner..However I use a foam roll bought from Lowes..this fits perfectly and snugly in the ear and gives it a nice shape..
Remember that the tape should be taken off the ears every 3 to 4 days. The ears may or may not stand on their own. Do not get discouraged as it can takes weeks to months..
repeat the same steps and remember don't give up hope.
Window Foam
             from  Lowes
Cut to desired length
make sure it fits inner ear
Cut in half
rounded edge fits inner ear
To form bridge I cut the tape in half..I use Nexcare..Clear tape bought at any pharmacy
You may also shave the ears to allow the tape to hold better..