Ethics as defined as a major branch of philosophy,
encompassing right conduct and good living..In
dealings with morality...distinguishing between that
which is good and that which is evil...between right
and wrong human reactions.
In a world that seems to become more fast paced each
and every day, we loose a sense of accomplishment by
virtue. A persons financial gains, or social standing
tend to narrow the focus on how we need to relate to
the world and how one should achieve goals.
It is much easier to take the elevator instead of the
You can see this in everyday life and it holds true in
much of the dog world. People searching for ways to
gain accomplishment with as little effort as possible.
and in striving for this gain be it social status or
financial we are totally distracted from our
values..if indeed we still have any. In the world of
dogs we are all striving for the same gain. Success
that is reflected in our breeding programs , show
results, and to some financial status. We as breeders
and showman of our chosen breed have taken a silent
vale to protect and enhance the life of our four
legged friends. To me I chose to take that oath with
my beloved Chinese crested dogs, now almost 5 years
ago. I am here all the
unethical practices I have encountered I am on the
other end of this pen and paper asking a question to
all of those out there reading this...
What happens when people who have chosen to love and
cherish this choose to abandon
responsibility? What happens when one puts his or her
own needs and vain goals ahead of the best interest of
the breed?
Lets explore some examples...When I first started my
research into the life of AKC became my
knowledge that dog shows were developed to determine
the best of the breeding stock... that these prime
examples were the best of the best. They held true to
the standard..and there for should be breed to benefit
the breed..
Is this a truth? or is it something we tell ourselves
but we now know is a dim light in the dark? Does the
crested represented in the ring really stand for
quality? breeding? or does it stand as a social
marker? a place saver...
Now I am not throwing rocks at each and every person
reading this as I know many exhibitors that are trying
their best to hold true to the breed and better it..
To each of you a humble thank you...but to those who
are becoming agitated with this article I ask you to
reason with yourself and ask why am I becoming angry?
I am only bringing some well known truths to
light...just because the show in reality has nothing
to do with quality doesn't mean it doesn't have
influence. The show dogs that are being handled do
have influence on breeding and on perception.
PERCEPTION - the process, act or faculty of
perceiving...recognition and interpretation based on
The photographic evidence appears before you...truth
as far as one perceives it to be. The dog is
publicized and stands as an example of the breed.. its
"win" photo becomes the breed standard, and breeders
try to breed to its truth...if it won it must be of
quality or is it? Ever heard of three dimensional?
where is the other two sides..suddenly a memory a snap
shot win becomes the gospel and all strive to abide by
it..setting a side the other dimensions... In the looks appealing, perfect...but in reality.
it walked hackney....its movement choppy....
crossing over in the front.. it's tail so tight you
can't pull it down with out a spring loaded's hair ironed strait to hide the poodle
coat...its body shaved down to appear hairless, and
behind all that in the depths of it....PRA
affected...luxating lenses, bad patellas...need I go

Now some for these faults people can live with some are
worse than others..this is for you to decide...It is a
question of your ethics..what's most important to you..
NO DOG IS PERFECT! all have faults and we weigh which
ones are more acceptable and each person decides
differently.. but we must strive to make these faults
disappear.. not just accept them..

This is what some choose to breed...a perfect one
dimensional photograph... Any one can take a picture
only a few can create a work of art...
What now has happened to the values and ethics needed
to function productively in the dog world and at what
cost have we sat them aside for our own foolish
gains.. and to whom are these gains truly
acknowledged? What percentage of people actively show
dogs? a small percentage compared to the over all
population... You have managed to gain social standing
and power within a small controlled group of are now on top... 4 in the top 10 your
name is all over the magazines and everyone sees you
out in the front row...
At what cost? have you truly helped this breed? or
have you selfishly used them to gain glory and fill a
need for self worth?
Let's weigh the truth...
The hand to your right holds your accomplishments...
you have succeed in producing many top
winners...people admire your dogs from all countries..
they are wanting your lines...they are sending you
financial gains..When people think of a Crested they
think of your Kennel...that one dimensional photo we
talked about..
The left hand... your dogs are producing PRA and
luxating lences...their pettelas are shot...and they
are in pain from genetic the age of 5
many are completely blind and worse yet many are being
put down... but hey you won your on top...this month
your a winner...
Unfortunately this is what is happening with such a
drive to succeed at any cost, we tend to push aside
our values if the results will benefit our goals. WE
as DOG PEOPLE true protectors of our breed can not
afford to put success and greed over what is best..
Our country is seeing in my opinion a moral
decline...a personal plea to all that own this
wonderful breed or any your conscience
do not deviate from the standard to suit your personal not lax in genetic testing for a beautiful
dog with such known health issues does no good to the
over all development of our breed. Next time you enter
the ring take a moment to reflect on this beautiful
breed. Is this an ethical representation? Will it do
the breed justice? Can it add to the gene pool in a
positive way?
A message to all whom judge... You have a most
important job... in your hands lay the ability to
choose representation of the breed in front of you..
We all know it is almost impossible to get a dog that
fits the standard perfectly, but they should be
getting better all the time...When you choose a dog to
receive AKC points you are saying to the "dog world"
its breeders and it's followers... "direct your
breeding program this way..take note of this
dog"...please make sure it is one worthy of such an
honor the honor of adding to the goal of perfection,
not to personal taste or to favor..
Ethics we must have them in all aspects of the
show/breeding world..Our judges must live by them
abiding by the standard not by favor of handlers or
friends or by trend... Our breeders must search it out
in their breeding programs through health screening
and honest evaluation of their stock...they must also
show the willingness to speak honestly to
newbies...they must posses the ability to be truthful
in their business dealings backing their lines with
contracts and guarantees...not empty words...and
spoiled tongues that speak harsh betraying
words...words of untruth all for the purpose of
climbing a social ladder..
Be warned though all that goes up must come a yo-yo effect... you may climb that
ladder and all may see you at the top...but if you
spill forth lies and deception none will remember you
as a "WINNER" your kennel name will begin its decline
as people will see the results of your deception and
begin the hard task of eliminating your bloodline due
to your own greed...your greed to be known has become
a heart-wrenching journey for those striving to
improve the breed...for this reason WE MUST NOT
Again no matter how pretty,flashy,typey an unsound dog
is an unsound dog...what's worse than an unsound dog an
unsound dog full of health defects.. and who wants a
pretty but crippled dog?
We need to take a 3D picture...lets paint the ideal
crested with our standard... We as breeders need to be
concerned with these growing issues...
Among these issues and all in some way dealing with
ethics lies the long controversial debate of
my opinion we are not only loosing the hairless gene
to a infested gene pool but losing structure and not in relation to the other....but we
are loosing the ability to move freely..there seems to
be a lack in reach and drive...some of this
responsibly lies on the breeders other on the judges
who overlook the graceful movement of a less flashy
dog to replace it with a flashy dog of type that's out
at the elbow and has a bad rear...All of this will
never compensate for doesn't take long
to ruin a breed when breeding in bad qualities. I have
heard it can take 6 generations to breed out such a
structural why breed it in?
Back to the subject of hair recently in the show ring
I have heard people confessing that their hairless was
indeed a puff shaved such dog was even
given the rightful name as "Puffy" but Puffy gave the
appearance of being hairless...shaved down and naired
the judges themselves pondering the thought of
interviewing his hairdresser... an ethic question???
I would like to say that I am not against those
breeding some flash into their lines..I love the look
of nice furnishings but I personally will never breed
for flash unless the flash comes with little or no
body hair...great structure and that beautiful poetic
reach and drive.... It is also my opinion that health
and structure need to be addressed as major concern is with what I am seeing in the
breed.. breeders are setting aside all ethics both in
the ring and out of the ring...stepping on people with
lies and deceit ... to accomplish their own goals with
no regard to those they harm...most of all the breed
they claim they love..
These are all issues of responsible breeders and cant have a responsible breeder without
one holding true to ethics nor can you have a good
judge if they don't apply ethics when judging...
Ethics...truly a great question to ask. What is wrong
with admiring a dog bred to standard..with no known
health concerns.. Successful breeding is that of every
generation coming out better than the last..setting
goals with your bitches and your stud dogs and working
toward them ..
Promoting a non-standard dog will leave your mark for
future breeders to contemplate, do you want your
kennel name to be remembered as a help or a
hindrance? Do you want to be responsible "ethical"
breeder or spiral in your own denial.
Remember any one can take a takes an
artist to create a masterpiece...
Any breeder can breed a flashy dog...not every breeder
can create a sound healthy dog that conforms to the
In closing I would like to take this opportunity to
thank all those who have made the effort to better
this wonderful breed...though my article is harsh in
pointing out the ethical problems this breed is
undergoing...not all breeders have an ethic is just frustrating to see a decline in
morality....and with such a decline a cause and
effect...meaning the breed suffers...
Here not to long ago I read an article in the
chronicle talking about dog show sportsmanship...and
newbies... it's truth still rings loud and clear...
why would any new owner want to show if they are
greeted with harsh words and inferior dogs
winning....if judges put up favors or pick type not
standard? it is by far too expensive a hobby to take
up when they could go shopping instead...

It is much easier to take the elevator instead of the