chinese crested
What's your Chinese Crested's personality?
Eager Beaver  This little guy will do what ever it takes to make you happy,. However they can be difficult and manic if you ignore their training.. They want to please you so much they  stick to whatever gets them the most attention.. If you throw a ball he will bring it back 500 times...If you teach him to jump, they will jump on you and over objects..whenever excitement builds..If you teach them down they will learn down...this little guy is your puppet but BE CAREFUL..
Joe Cool Laid back and relaxed, they have complete control over EVERY Situation..Give these little one a comand and they will look at you as if to say "In a minute" and then they will forget..Although funny and easy to live with some people refer to them as the "dumb dog"  But all they need is focus and training..
The Joker  A little comedian, quick minded perfectionist..A revved up wonder pup..Dancing on the edge of good behavior..full of life, laughter, and fun....All of the above characteristics bring them attention..and center stage is where they long to be..Given clear and consistant instructions they take to training well...
chinese crested
The Bully   These little chinese crested terrors take themselves WAY to seriously..In the wild these little pup would be destined to lead the group in your home it is no different..Displaying a Dominant personaily, order must be established.. Aggression, Physical leaning, and mounting are very common traits displayed..also marking of territory be it a bitch or a dog..You must lay down the law and do it now..
Sweetie Pie   Docile and mild mannored, the observer not the controler..You will see this crested sitting back and watching a pack dispute rather than joining in on the act.. They are adoring of people..soft and often submissive..If you yell at them it breaks them.. This personality is not for the show ring and is best in soft hands..Training is a must for their safety
Scaredy Cat  These Chinese Crested prefer to view the world from behind your legs..and one must wonder what trama they may have incountered to create such a reaction to the world..and if no trama then one needs to research the lines as this is often times a heritary characteristic. Too soothe this behavior may make it worse..Unlike children who might feel relieved by voice or touch, soothing only reinforces this behavior..You must act confident and relaxed.. Tell her "excuse me" and move her away from your legs...You must train this pup to help them feel more secure.. is all about getting the puppies to want to work with you and understanding their personalitys is the key to success.