Why a Chinese Crested?
This graceful, elegant breed is often described as a little pony..
Or sometimes people refer to them as little fawns in miniature...
The Chinese Crested is a small dog standing usually no more than 13 inches..Many as small as 9 inches..Grooming of this dog should be a minimal so to the pet owner that is a huge plus when weighing in the time needed to groom such breeds as the Yorkie,
Shih Tzu, or the Lhasa Apso

The appearance of the hairless to some is odd, but to those whom it appeals to..they will never stray from this breed..

Affectionate, fun-loving, loyal, and a bit feisty this little dog is full of personality..they should never be vicious or shy but should always display a very fun outgoing  personality..

Always willing to Please!
The Chinese Crested is tremendous fun and enjoys the company of other pets and thoroughly enjoys family life...including children. They love human touch and participates enthusiastically in home activities..This breed loves to be with its owners, inside or outside as long as by your side..
Hates being left alone

The Chinese Crested is not a dog that should be left alone unless in a crate..
This breed enjoys your company too much..
Socialization!!!  Please!
Because Chinese Crested have such a need for human contact it is very important to socialize from a young age.

Without this there is a danger to becoming rather nervous and to one extreme over -protective of his most treasured....HIS HUMAN... There-for it is important to dedicate time to this breed...and to also seek out a breeder whom has devoted their time to socializing and loving the Chinese Crested in the way it so longs for..

House training
The chinese crested is a toy breed therefore house training can take a little more time..with such small bladders it is hard for a puppy to hold himself/herself for more than a few hours..also this breed is known as a PRIMITIVE BREED..

Which means there is a tendency to mark territory just as their ancestors did..This applies to both FEMALE and MALE of the species...
A watch dog in the making!!
The Chinese Crested make good little watch dogs..They are not afraid to use their barks when someone is near the home ..They will always let their owners know if someone or something is near that normally is not around.. This being said they are not "BARKERS"
They almost never bark just for the sake of barking...
The Great Wolf !
The Chinese Crested carrying on their primitive traditions howls like a great wolf..such an enjoyable song sung to their owners..usually at night and when they have arrived home...
             Leader of the Pack!
There is nothing more beautiful or graceful than the chinese crested when in group play with its fellow kind..
Pros and Cons
  • loving
  • loyal
  • fun
  • minimal grooming
  • good watch dog
  • hypo-allerginic
  • stubborn
  • can be hard to house train
  • needy